Since 2012, we are proud to supply high quality pre-stressed concrete strands and pc wires to our customers.

We added ground anchor systems, including wedges, barrels, anchor heads, distribution plates, pipes, sheaths and other accessories to our supply chain in 2019.

We can quickly deliver the goods from our warehouses located in several cities, in accordance with the demand of our customers.

In our product range, there are 2-3-7 wire pre-stressed concrete strands, having diameters 11/64”, 3/16”, 3/8”, 0.5” and 0.6”.

In projects that require large amount of PC strands, we can offer attractive prices, by directly importing/exporting either to the nearest port in the region or to the project site directly.


With the advantageous conditions gained over the years by the commercial connections with global suppliers, Temma can meet the customers’ today’s and future needs, by providing either port or construction site delivery, in local or international projects.


Temma is a Turkish company, focused on offering long term values for its customers, suppliers and other substantial partners, with its experienced and steady executive team.


We are providing the highest quality goods in requested time, and the flow of information as the process continues, and the after sales support with the necessary information and documents for the perfect production to our customers.